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Rental service
As a leading rental service provider for power equipment in China, we have been engaged in power equipment rental service for 13 years. Youdian boasts unmatched experience in the power equipment rental service in various industries. Youdian’s reliable equipment is specially manufactured for rental services; and the power supply modules are tailored and specially designed and packaged for handling and installation on pallets. All the power generating units from Youdian meet or even exceed the strict standard requirements of the country, including the routine servicing and the load tests for ensuring reliability on site. With the most modernized rental service team in the industry and the network resources of the top industrial manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing users with complete and win-win power supply solutions on rental basis. As a user, you only need to give us a call. You can well receive satisfactory support from Youdian for whatever needs for the rental service.
For the users, reliability, power supply quality, cost control and the general capabilities of the supplier are the four key elements to test the value of the power supply solutions. For example, the standby power supply of a hospital and its key systems should be 100% reliable; for sensitive electronic and computer systems, high quality power supply is the most important element; in continuous, routine and peak & valley applications, more consideration is given to the cost control in the evaluation of the power supply. Youdian, fully understanding the characteristics of different markets, can better foresee and meet the users’ needs and demands. Thus, Youdian is capable of working out win-win power supply solutions for the users.
Compressed air
Youdian supplies compressed air on the basis of rental service, covering different industries and sectors, such as shipyards, factories, pipelines, project construction, etc. All the air compressors involved in Youdian’s rental service are the screw compressors of top brand names. Subject to the users’ needs, Youdian has the motor-driven type and engine-driven type for options.
Maintenance and servicing
Youdian’s well-trained engineers and technical service workers provide you with timely, quick and all-around services for the maintenance and servicing of generators, and provide customers with quarterly or yearly power supply security agreements for the generators to fully ensure the safe and steady operation of generators all the time. With its service tracing system, Youdian solves problems for the users on timely basis, and provides the users with its quickest, thoughtful and reliable after-sales services.
Spare parts services
Youdian supplies the authentic Caterpillar spare parts and consuming materials with warranties from Caterpillar’s manufacturers to ensure the high efficiency and high performances of Caterpillar generating units in operation.
Used Caterpillar Gensets
Youdian is also engaged in exploring the transaction and import & export of the secondhand authentic Caterpillar generating units. For all the Used Caterpillar Gensets, Youdian provides one-year or 1000-hour warranty (whichever earlier should prevail and only limited to Mainland China at present).
Service manual
Please read our rental service manual for more information about power equipment rental service in various applications such as power supply for emergencies, power supply of parallel connections, power for special activities, marine load banks, etc.

Rental service solutions
  Substations: For the examination and maintenance planned twice a year for a substation, 2 sets of 1000kw generators were rented from Youdian and connected in parallel for the normal power supply needed in the examination and maintenance of the equipment and for ensuring the sustained power supply for the end-users.
  Marine/shipyards: the auxiliary equipment malfunctions with a foreign ship in operation, 2 sets of 800kw, 60Hz, 440v generators are rented from Youdian. The auxiliary equipment is restored when the ship arriving at a port, and the generators are carried back in the next round of operation. The entire process lasts for two months. Similarly, a large shipyard has received a purchase order from overseas for a ship, and 60Hz 440V output is basically good for the equipment on the ship, but the operation equipment requires the use of 50Hz 380V output. Under this situation, Youdian’s generators did a good job to ensure the completion according to schedule.
  Office buildings/ shopping centers: the peak of power use in summer may lead to the authority putting a limit on power use. Some party concerned has signed a power equipment rental contract with Youdian for a large office building. This contract includes transportation, handling and supply of oil tanks, cables and power distribution boards, and Youdian has provided a complete turn-key rental service. The user, after receiving the rental service, expressed its full satisfaction. Similarly, some large shopping centers may face uncertainties of power supply from public electric grid due to the limit on power use or some disastrous weather conditions. Such shopping centers can sign rental contracts with Youdian to ensure normal business operation at peak hours of power use. However, it’s believed that such situation will be improved with the improving power supply in the regions.
  Industries/ steel works: A large steel works is requested to put a limit on its power use due to the reason that one of its production line has exceeded the limit of power supply load during the peak hours. However, production cannot be suspended as the production plan is already well in place. Under this situation, Youdian has provided equipment for power supply of 6000kw and 3000kw on rental basis, ensuring the fulfillment of production plan and avoiding economic losses.
  Projects/ bridge construction: In a project for the construction of a bridge over the sea, 5 sets 400kw, 2sets 500kw and 1 set 600kw generators have been rented from Youdian in the early stage of the project, and all the equipment is required to be in parallel connection for service, which is required to be specified in the contract between the two parties. Youdian, with a team of its highly qualified engineers, did a good job in parallel connection of the equipment, for which Youdian’s team of engineers were honored as the best partner of the month.
  Grazing land/ farms: a newly build livestock farm for the breeding of cows, the biggest in Asia, faced the problem of insufficient power supply at the early stage of its operation. As crops may become corrupted due to high temperatures in summer time and milk needs to be preserved for its high quality, for which, Youdian provided its power equipment on rental basis for the power supply of 1900kw, increasing the production of animal feeds and saving the costs.
 Mining companies/ power plants: Youdian cooperates with Caterpillar’s internationalized service agents, and can provide customers with diesel or fuel gas generators of over 20MW on rental basis according to specific needs. The entire process from the project assessment to project implementation is fulfilled by its specialized engineering and design teams in order to provide the most reliable and cost effective power supply solutions and solve the problems for the customer that happened due to the fact that time is pressing. Such customers are found in various industries such as metals/coal mining, power plants, oil and natural gas, public utilities, etc.
 Large-scale activities/ sports events: Youdian provides highly reliable quality power supply guarantee. In 2013, it provided main power supply and standby power supply for a number of gymnasiums for Nanjing Asian Youth Games, for which it is highly appreciated. Also, Youdian has provided reliable and practical power supply guarantee for international exhibitions, and has distinguished itself as a supreme player in terms of power supply guarantee for exhibitions. Similarly, in many New Year celebration activities, Youdian also boasts rich experiences in power supply guarantee.

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